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The UK 4x4 CB Radio Specialists

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Family business established in 1996 selling just CB radio equipment for UK Offroaders & Farmers.
Need a CB Radio for offroad or onroad? Visit the UK CB Radio Specialists... www.4x4cb.com
CB Radio Products & Related Information at 4x4CB.com (Open in new windows) :
Would you like radio communication with your offroading mates? Having a laugh with a bit of banter between the group, or simply for safety and "mind that side slope" type stuff - CB Radio can do this for you...!

Easy to install and use, cheap to buy and free to use - CB can give you a range of upto 5 miles or so, great for greenlaning, off roading, or on road communications for those travelling or working together.

There are not many CB shops around now - let alone ones that know a Freelander TD4 from an XSi and especially not many with good websites, so check out 4x4cb.com - Surrey UK based Communication Eleven's site - LOTS of useful info, a complete installation guide for installing CB in 4x4 and offroad vehicles along with many products, complete starter packs and kits and all the info and advice you might need!

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